2014 Honda Pilot


2014 Honda Pilot is another new model of this very popular car factory in the world. Honda Pilot is a model for all of 2014, used the modern technology and innovation. Based on its predecessor but with a lot of changes in the interior as well as exterior. In the words of the people from Honda Pilot model will be more efficient than its predecessor by 10%. It will be on the engine capacity of 1.6 liter diesel, which will have fantastic 220 horsepower. Real data on this model, my professional team and I did not come here, so we decided to present you the information that we obtained with some people from Honda’s offices.

Honda-Pilot side view

According to some sources, the 2014 Honda Pilot will be a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with CVT. In European countries, in the calculation, Honda will provide their vehicles to fit more. Meanwhile, in the United states will be released hybrid editions. Aging 2014 Honda Pilot three rows of cross-over can get a new product three.5-liter V6 targets worldwide if the style remodeled in 2014. Energy is expected to be on the order of 310 265 kilograms power devices and leg-torsion and CVT is indeed part of the system, however, have a front-drive design. But it’s also surrounded by an extra confirmation that social profit nursing facility in urgent revamp and simple 18 weeks when the public is a bad reaction triggered experts.


There is information that the Honda start to shift to a consistently different broadcast technology innovation. We know for some time that the Japanese people car maker positioned to go catch and leverage path, but it was not obvious what cars will get a signal. Not every car will get a CVT comment states that “the design and performance off-road vehicle maintaining signals intended.” Honda Pilot is a very spacious model has eight seats with seating. Her turning radius is large making it easy to drive in town.

The new generation of Pilot will be built at the same platform as the Acura MDX.

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